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Analog + Digital

Analigital™ is content development company utilizing organic business growth for any size business. We are your band manager’s favorite tool, your marketing companies utility belt & your executives team creating the magic. Let’s take the headaches out of coming up with cool campaigns and let our team showcase your being.

Founded 2008 by

The Manimal, Richard J. Martinez

“Some create because they see others create while we create because we have to by nature.” Mr. Martinez grew up a self taught 10 year old with an inquisitive mind. Some were playing video games while he would take apart his console and build them back up just to see how they functioned. Purchasing his own macintosh at the age of 14 he then began understanding the science behind computers. Having a non-linear editing platform early on was crucial for understanding computer science, media management and juxtapositioning of different media. Graduating high school tv/film programs along with community college theater & film history courses which he took while creating projects of his own and of friends in surrounding colleges led them to create the, “Creative Council.” Still having the ability to create on super 8 and super 16mm with a linear style of editing while in college, the craft had earned Richards respect. The respect led to the development of the, “Analigital Method”.

Why choose us?

Because We're Dreamers Just Like You

In a world where everyone can pick up a camera and shoot, we stand above the rest because true talent cannot be purchased with the best equipment or gadgets. It is an individual’s vision which then gets transformed into a world for the rest to appreciate.

Creating an online presence and branding solutions for people or companies, along with production of films, documentaries, commercials, online videos, photo campaigns and anything within the audio & visuals mediums.


Ready for better digital content?

If you have a design project you need help with, anything from rebranding to a feature film, We'd love to hear from you.